Pick up and Drop off Guidelines


  1. Please have the student backpacks, lunches or lunch money and students ready before entering the Pick Up and Drop Off Zone.
  2. Please do not use your cell phone or play loud music while picking up or dropping off students.
  3. Park next to the curb.
  4. Come to a complete stop. ( but you may not park!)
  5. Teachers and aides will help direct traffic in this area. Please pull up as far as they indicate.
  6. Make eye contact with the teacher indicating approval for them to open the passenger door for a student to exit or enter.
  7. Students should exit and enter on the passenger side of the car only (curbside).
  8. The drive through works best as a right turn only exit.  For safety purposes please do not make a left onto Amelia.  Making a left during school hours can result in a traffic fine.

Drop Off Options

  1. You may still drop off on Auto Center Drive in the morning.
  2. You may drop off students in the PICK UP and DROP OFF zones in the front of school.
  3. If no curb area opens up, go around the block and drive through again.

Pick Up Options

  1. Use the pick Up/drop off area in front of school correctly.  Do not to park in this area. 
  2. Students will be with their teachers on the front grass.
  3. Students will be released by the teacher to go to you when you pull up to the curb.
  4. Come to pick up your students right at 2:00 p.m. or 2:45 p.m. - not early.
  5. If you want to park and talk to a teacher, or get out of your car to pick up your child, you can park on Auto Center Drive or Amelia and walk in and stand waiting for your students' class on the grass in front of school. 
  6. Do NOT wait in front of classrooms.
  7. If you park on Auto Center Drive and walk through the classes to get to the grass, please do not stay in the hallways.

Picking Up Children From School Early:  Children are not released directly from the classroom to leave school before dismissal times.  You MUST come to the office first and sign out your child.  Your child will be sent for and released to you.