Reading Resources for Parents

Your child's AR scores matter

Your child's AR Quiz scores determine the amount of reading growth they make in their reading skills. These two documents will help parents understand how. AR BOOKFINDER LINK TO ATTACH:

Home Connect

Go to Home Connect enter your child's user name and password (students know this, ask them!). There is an e-mail feature that notifies you when your child takes AR quizzes at school. You can click on the books on the bookshelf and it will show you how they did on their quiz. It is fun and you can share in the excitement of all the books your child reads. There is also an AR Book Finder link at the bottom for you to use to find books at your child's interest and reading level. The more detailed info you provide in the search, the shorter the list of books.

High Frequency Word lists

Kindergarten high frequency words
100 words
2nd grade 100 words
3rd grade 100 words