Parent Resources

We welcome parent and guardian involvement at Shull Elementary School. Research shows that students whose parents are involved in their education generally are more successful in school and in life. 

app for AR

There is an app for finding AR information. You just scan the book with your iphone or android smart phone and it brings up the AR information for the book.

The iPhone app link -

The Android app link -

Reading Resources for Parents

Your child's AR scores matter:

Your child's AR Quiz scores determine the amount of reading growth they make in their reading skills. These two documents will help parents understand how. AR BOOKFINDER LINK TO ATTACH:

Home Connect
Go to Home Connect enter your child's user name and password (students know this, ask them!). There is an e-mail feature that notifies you when your child takes AR quizzes at school. You can click on the books on the bookshelf and it will show you how they did on their quiz. It is fun and you can share in the excitement of all the books your child reads. There is also an AR Book Finder link at the bottom for you to use to find books at your child's interest and reading level. The more detailed info you provide in the search, the shorter the list of books.

 High Frequence Word lists:
Kindergarten high frequency words
100 words
2nd grade 100 words
3rd grade 100 words

Parent Comments About Shull School

School Handbook

Student Handbook

Please see the above attached link to find information on the following items

Lunch and School Nutrition Policies


Breakfast, Lunch and School Nutrition Policies

In order to not disturb classrooms, students are not called up to receive late lunches in the office.  The office will send the teacher an email telling them the lunch will be put on a cart for the student to look for outside the cafeteria.  Parents must label the late lunch. Lunch money brought late will be left in an envelope for the cafeteria supervisor.  Fast food lunches are not an appropriate treat during the school week and are disruptive to our academic environment.  Please send a nutritious lunch with your child each day.  Sweets, sodas, and fast food are strongly discouraged.

We do require all students to eat lunch.  You will be notified if your student is not eating.  Lunches are available for purchase.

Breakfasts are $2.00 per day

            Lunches are $2.75 per day

            You may buy a 10-lunch ticket for $27.50 or a 20-lunch ticket for $55.00.

            Students may bring lunch and purchase milk for 50 cents.

You may also purchase lunch tickets online at  There is a small processing fee when you do so, but the credit is automatically applied to your student's account.  You need your student's permanent school ID number when purchasing online.  Call the school office and we will be happy to provide you with that number.  We encourage students eating in the cafeteria on a regular basis to buy the meal tickets.  This reduces the loss of money by children. The office has no money available to loan.

School Wide Discipline and Suspension Policies

DISCIPLINE PLAN                                                                                                                                      

It is the intent of the staff to provide your child with the safest and most desirable learning environment possible. In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to establish some basic rules of behavior and consequences. In most areas when the classroom teacher is involved, he/she will be responsible for preliminary consequences (offences that can result in suspension are handled by the principal). After preliminary consequences have been tried (including parent conference) with no appreciable improvement in a pupil’s behavior, the principal will be responsible for following up with counseling, community service, lunch/recess/event restrictions, parent contact/meetings, and in-house or at home suspension.

We understand that when people are brought together, there are always possibilities of conflicts arising.  We try to help students work through their problems without resorting to physical violence.  If a student is having a problem with another student, we will encourage them to work it out by discussing the problem and possible solutions.  If a student resorts to aggressive or violent behavior there will be immediate consequences that range from time-outs to suspension.

Study Hall Detention for Excessive Tardies or not following Uniform Policy:  Detention or other classroom consequences can be assigned to students after 3 tardies in any month.

EDUCATION CODES                                                                                                                                 

The Staff and Administration of Shull Elementary School fully enforces the California Education Code. Although all discipline is handled progressively, children may be assigned differentiated consequences based on incident’s severity. Although all sections of California Education code 48900 through 48951 are enforced, we have included information below on some of the key codes we ask families to review with their children. Our goal is to ensure the safety of our students and staff at all times.

48900(a)(1) Children are not permitted to cause, try to cause, or threaten to cause harm to another person. This includes all students, staff, and all people.

48900 (b) Children may not bring knives or other dangerous objects to school.

48900 (c) , (d) , & (h) Children may not have, provide, or be under the influence of controlled substances, look-a-likes, or nicotine.

48900 (f) Children may not cause or try to cause damage to school or private property. This includes vandalism and graffiti.

48900 (g) Children may not steal or try to steal school or private property.

48900 (i) Children may not use profanity or vulgarity in any form toward anyone, including all students, staff, and all people.

48900 (k) Children may not be defiant towards school staff, disrupt school activities, or disturb instruction 



President-Kim Harp

Vice-President -




Ways & Means:


Volunteer Coordinator:


General PTA Meetings

All parents are welcome at the General PTA Meetings, held in the school's cafeteria on the last Tuesday of the month at 2:15 in room 16.


If you haven't already joined, please contact the Kim Morton ( or inquire at the school office. Your $10 membership fee goes a long way for us.


PTA can use parent volunteers for assistance with Walk-a-thon, Carnival, Classroom room parents, Reflections, Red Ribbon Week, Dads & Donuts, Moms & Muffins, Assemblies, and other activities. Please contact the school office if you are interested in helping in any of these areas.

Useful Links

Student Awards

 SHULL SCHOOL has many opportunities for students to be recognized for their hard work and positive efforts.  The Awards below are used for grade 1-5. Kindergarten does separate recognition programs.

PERFECT ATTENDANCE:  Students with perfect attendance will be recognized by the principal after the end of each month in their classrooms and awarded extra recess. Perfect Attendance is awarded when a student has no absences, no tardies, no early outs and no late pick up. Perfect attendance for the year – August through June- occurs when a student has had no absences, tardies, or unexcused early releases.

ALL STAR ACADEMIC AWARD:  At the Trimester Award Ceremonies, one student per class will be recognized for each month in the trimester.  These students will be recognized with a certificate and a prize.  Teachers may select the awards winner for performance in reading, language arts, math, science, social science, or for any other project assigned by teachers to their students. 

PERSONAL SUCCESS AWARDS: Up to two students from each class (grades 1-5) will receive these awards at the end of each trimester at a student awards program.  Students will be recognized for exemplary accomplishments, efforts, or improvements in academics or behavior/citizenship.

 “WE CARE FOR CHARACTER” AWARDS – grades 1-3: These awards will be given to students who have done an excellent job in all pyramid areas: TRUST, ATTITUDE, WORK ETHIC, SELFLESSNESS, SELF-CONTROL, and RESPONSIBILITY. They can only have 3 or fewer pyramid pieces pulled during any trimester. (5 times for 1st trimester for 1st grade) Additionally these students must do well representing the Character Trait of each Month.  Not bringing in homework does constitute losing a pyramid piece for responsibility.  Similarly, detentions for behavior do constitute losing a pyramid piece.  These awards will be handed out at the end of each trimester at the Trimester Award Ceremony.  Students who have earned this award all three trimesters will receive a Practically Perfect Person Pizza Party with the Principal at the end of the year.

Wednesday Flag Salute ACTS of KINDNESS:  every Wednesday at flag salute the principal will select 3 or 4 students to visit the prize box because their teachers have entered their names because of excellence in a because of Acts of Kindness.

AR AWARDS:   Students earning levels (independent, super, etc.)  in AR are given different leveled prizes and students reaching their reading goals each trimester attend grade level AR parties.  Students may participate in the Reading MASTERS Program.  They will read books in a series and pass quizzes with an average of 90% correct. Students will be recognized at flag salute and have their name posted in the computer Lab for the year. 


COLLEGE DIPLOMAS: Each class will have a University and will be allowed to wear that University’s colors on Mondays.  Classes will work to earn degrees such as a Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s degree by reading a certain number of words through the AR program. Kindergarten will have a separate set of goals.



HONOR ROLL students are recognized 3 times a year.  4th and 5th grade students make Honor Roll as follows:  Students must achieve all A’s or all A’s and B’s in all the major subject areas.  Students must also have no N’s in Citizenship or Work Habits, Study Skills, and Homework.

PRESIDENTIAL AWARDS: Exceptional 5th grade students also have the opportunity to receive at year’s end the Presidential Academic Award.  Students receive Gold for making honor roll all 6 trimesters of 4th and 5th grades with at least 4 times being straight “A” Honor Roll and achieving end of 5th grade STAR Reading Scores at or above 7.5 and STAR math scores at or above 8.0, or students receive Silver for making “A” or “A/B” honor roll all 6 trimesters and achieving end of 5th grade STAR Reading Scores from 5.8 to 7.5 and STAR math scores at least in the range of 5.8 to 8.0.

COMMUNITY AND FAMILY SERVICE:  Students are awarded for doing 40 acts of community or family service each trimester.  Additionally students who have been awarded all three trimester earn a bowling party at the end of the year.

            15 minutes of the following activities equal a community service

  • Helping 1st graders play at recess
  • Tutoring students in lower grade classes
  • Tutoring within your own class if asked by a teacher
  • Helping in the library or computer lab
  • Helping tutor after school
  • Morning drop off duty (w/signed permission slip)
  • Escorting kindergarteners to the bus
  • One week of cone duty
  • Gardening, watering, weeding, sweeping, dusting
  • Extended trash pickup (not as a consequence)
  • Service work created by student council
  • Visiting convalescent home residents, helping senior citizens
  • Helping neighbors with chores
  • Recycling at home
  • Reading to younger brothers/sisters/ family members
  • Translating for parents, teachers, siblings

Kindergarten Registration

To enter kindergarten in any school year, a child must be five years old on or before SEPTEMBER 1st of that year. Proof of residence may be required. If you do not live within our school's boundary area, you may still choose to have your child attend this school through our School of Choice program. 

BUSD also offers an oustanding Transitional Kindergarten Program for students who turn five between SEPTEMBER 1st and December 2nd.  Registration is held at each elementary school site between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. after March 1st.

Kindergarten registration is normally held in March through June. We highly encourage you to register as early as possible as our school fills up and enrollment is limited. To register a child, please go to the Bonita Unified website for instructions and to download forms.  At the school, you will turn in forms and  present proof of date of birth (birth certificate, baptismal certificate or other legal proof). Parents must also present the child's written immunization record from a physician, nurse or health department. Prior to school entry, children must be immunized for the following:
  • Rubella (German measles)
  • Measles
  • Polio
  • Diphtheria
  • Pertussis (whooping cough)
  • Tetanus
  • Mumps
  • Hepatitis B
  • Chicken pox
  • TB

Communication with Staff, Teacher Requests

Communication With Shull Staff

 We value your input in helping us to know your child better in order to provide him or her more personalized school experience. If major family events occur; i.e., birth, death, divorce, change of job, moving, vacations, etc., please let us know. We do not wish to pry but these kinds of things have profound effects on the children and their ability to make the most of their school experience.  We have a sympathetic and understanding staff, and they can help your child through unusual times.

Requests for Teachers 

At Shull School we do not encourage requests for teachers. If your child has any specific needs, we hope you will discuss their needs with their teacher in the spring.  Teachers work to create fair and balanced classes for the next grade level and often classes are not set until summer.

Kid's Club - School Age Care

"Kid's Club" - School-Aged Care Program
The Shull School-Aged Care (Kid's Club) serves our students in all grades.  The extended day-care center is open from 6:30 AM to 6:00 PM, including most school vacations, compact and minimum school days.  The program is designed to meet the developmental needs of the children in a safe, nurturing environment and compliments the educational program of the school.  For more information, contact the School-Aged Care office. (909-971-8200 ext. 5361)

Kid's Club Direct Line: (909) 971-8368

Visit BUSD Parent's Page for school age care registration.

Important Phone Numbers

Important BUSD Phone Numbers:

School Age Care - District Office School Age Care Office 909 971-8200 ext.  5361

Shull School Age Care - 909 971-8368

Bus Transportation   - 909 971-8200 ext. 5261   Educational Services - 909 971-8200 ext. 5301

Student Services - 909 971-8200 ext. 5321        Special Education - 909 971-8200 ext. 5341


Volunteer Opportunities
Shull School welcomes volunteers to our classrooms.  Each year we have about 7000 hours of contributed volunteer hours to our classrooms. We welcome help from parents, grandparents, family and community members. If you would like to volunteer in your child's classroom please contact your student's teacher. Parents must sign in at the office in the volunteer log before working in our classrooms.  All volunteers who are in the classrooms more than 10 hours a year will need to have a current TB test.

We welcome help in our classrooms, but volunteers can also help in the library, computer lab, with the salad bar, school garden, field trips, fundraisers, and in the school office.

When volunteering at Shull School we ask that you enter through the office to sign the Volunteer Book and to wear a volunteer button.  This is he best way for our teachers and staff to keep track of the many people entering school.

Lost and Found

Lost and Found
Shull School has three lost and found baskets in the school office.  Additionally, jackets and sweaters are kept in a bin in the cafeteria.  Two times year clothing not claimed by students is donated to charity.  Parents may come to school any time to look into the lost and found.


Playground Hours

Playground Hours

The Shull School playground is closed to the public from 6 a.m. through 6 p.m. on all school days. During school events, parents who allow their students to play on the playground or play equipment must supervise their play.


Birthday celebrations for your child are strongly discouraged as they detract from the school environment. Students feel subtle peer pressure when other students' parents bring a treat.  We will not deliver balloons, flowers, cupcakes etc.  Recognition of a birthday is better done by having your child hand out a special decorated pencil or eraser.  Fancy pencil sets are available in the school office (.25 a piece).

Pick up and Drop off Guide

General Guidelines

Þ Please have student backpacks, lunches or lunch money and students ready before entering the Pick Up and Drop Off Zone.

Þ Park next to the curb and come to a complete stop. BUT DO NOT LEAVE YOUR VEHICLE

Þ Students should exit and enter on the passenger side of the car only (curbside).

Þ DO NOT LINGER AND WATCH YOUR CHILD WALK IN. If you want to monitor your children all the way to class, park on Amelia or Auto Center and walk in.

Þ Be polite to other drivers and try to leave room for easy maneuvering at the curb.

Þ Do not use cellphones or text while picking up or dropping off children.

Þ The drive through is a right turn only exit. 

Þ Enter the drive through at the entrance on the  north end of campus.

Þ Merge into one lane at the exit to the drive through.

Drop Off Options

Þ You may drop off on Auto Center Drive in the morning. 

Þ You may drop off students in the PICK UP and DROP OFF zone in the front of school.

Þ If no curb area opens up, go around the block and drive through again.
Do not use the bus pick up area.

Þ Do not use the side streets, Bradish or Aguirre, as the streets are too narrow and there are no sidewalks.

Þ If no curb area opens up, go around the block and drive through again.

Þ Remember that the school cafeteria is open at 7:30 a.m. each morning for children who arrive early.

     Pick Up Options

Þ Use the pick-up drop-off area in front of school correctly.  Do not park in this area.

Þ Students will be with their teachers on the front grass.

Þ Students will be released by their teacher to go to you when you pull up to the curb.

Þ If you want to park and talk to a teacher, or get out of your car to pick up your child, you can park on Auto Center Drive or Amelia and walk in and stand waiting  for your student's class on the grass in front of school.  Please do not walk through the bus area.

Do NOT wait in front of classrooms

Free Museum Days

Free Museum Days and other Free Destination in Los Angeles

The Arboretum of Los Angeles County: Free admission on the 3rd Tuesday of each month

Autry National Center: Free administration on the 2nd Tuesday each month

California African American Museum: Free admission daily; parking is $8

California Science Center: Free admission daily; some exhibits are an extra charge

Claremont Museum of Art: Free admission on the 1st Friday of the month from 5-8:30

Craft and Folk Art Museum: Free on the 1st Wednesday of each month

Fowler Museum at UCLA: Free admission daily

Getty Center: Free admission daily; parking is $15

Getty Villa in Malibu: Free admission daily; parking is $15

George C. Page Museum at the La Brea Tarpits: Free admission on the 1st Tuesday of each month

Griffith Park Observatory: Free admission daily

Hammer Museum: Free admission every Thursday

Huntington Library and Gardens: Free admission on the 1st Thursday of each month with prior

reservation through their website

Japanese American national Museum: Free admission every Thursday from 5:00-8:00 p.m. and

every 3rd Thursday of the month. Free family days on several Saturdays throughout the year.

La Habra Children's Museum: Free admission on the 1st Saturday each month (301 SS. Euclid St.,

La Habra 562.905.9793

LACMA: Free admission on the 2nd Tuesday each month, free after 5:00 p.m. daily and on several

holiday Mondays. LACMA has free membership for children

Long Beach Museum of Art: Free admission each Friday

Los Angeles Fire Department Museum: Free admission on the only day it is open; Saturday from

10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

MOCA: Free admission at all 3 MOCA locations on each Thursday from 5:00-8:00 p.m.

Muckenthaler Cultural Center in Fullerton: Free admission daily (Wednesday-Sunday)

Museum of Latin American Art: Free admission each Friday

Natural History Museum: Free admission on the 1st Tuesday of each month

The Nethercutt Museum: Free admission daily

Norton Simon Museum: Free admission on the 1st Friday of each month from 6:00-9:00 p.m.

Pacific Asia Museum: Free admission on the 4th Friday of each month

The Paley Center for Media: Free admission daily

Pasadena Museum of California Art: Free admission on the 1st Friday of each month

Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology in Claremont: Free admission each Wednesday

Skirball Cultural Center: Free admission each Thursday


At Shull School we believe that technology and its use are vital to our students' educational experience.  Every classroom uses computers and our students utilize the computer lab regularly.   Because students have access to the Internet for school projects, it is required by Bonita Unified School District that students inter a contract for the proper access and use of such information.  The District's Central Computer Services maintains a "Firewall" as a device to prevent students from accessing improper information.  But, as you know, students can be uncanny in their creativity in getting around rules and figuring out computer accesses.  Violating any of the terms of the contract will forfeit a student's privilege of using school computers.  A new contract will have to be signed each year.  The contract will be sent home to you and must be signed by parents before the students will be allowed it to use the Internet.


Shull Sharks Are Oceans Above The Rest

Homework Policy

Homework Policy
Board Policy 6154:"The Bonita Unified School District believes that homework should be an integral part of the total instructional program. Homework extends learning opportunities beyond the confines of the school day. We recognize that homework contributes toward building responsibility, self-discipline and life long learning habits, and that time spent on homework directly influences the student's ability to meet the District's academic standards. Homework needs to be grade and level appropriate to benefit the student.
Regulation 6154.1 reads: For elementary school:
  • Kindergarten should be assigned homework no more than four times per week, requiring an average time of ten (10) minutes each night to complete.
  • First grade students should be assigned homework no more than four times per week, requiring an average time of ten (10) to fifteen (15) minutes each night to complete.
  • Second grade students should be assigned homework no more than four times per week, requiring an average time of twenty (20) minutes each night to complete.
  • Third grade students should be assigned homework no more than four times per week, requiring an average time of thirty (30) minutes each night to complete.
  • Fourth grade students should be assigned homework no more than four times per week, requiring an average time of forty (40) minutes each night to complete.
  • Fifth grade students should be assigned homework no more than four times per week, requiring an average time of Fifty (50) minutes each night to complete.
In addition to regular homework, students are expected to read outside of school daily. Reading outside the classroom should be a balance between self-selected readings and teacher-assigned texts…. Below are suggested guidelines for accomplishing this goal.

For grades K-3, 80-100 minutes per week.
For grades 4-5, 120-150 minutes per week
For grades 6-8, 150 or more minutes per week
Below is a link to a review of outside tutoring resources