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Discipline and Suspension Policies

    Discipline and Suspension Policies

It is the intent of the staff to provide your child with the safest and most desirable learning environment possible. In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to establish some basic rules of behavior and consequences. In most areas when the classroom teacher is involved, he/she will be responsible for preliminary consequences (suspendable offenses are handled by the principal). After preliminary consequences have been tried (including parent conference) with no appreciable improvement in a pupil's behavior, the principal or counselor will be responsible for following up with counseling, community service, restrictions, parent contact, and/or suspension.  We use the pyramid accountability program in our classrooms which offers rewards for good behavior and effort in our classrooms. consequences often come in the form of missing 5 minutes of fun if a pyramic piece is down.  Students always have opportunities to earn back pyramid pieces.

      We understand that when people are brought together, there are always possibilities of conflicts arising.  We try to help students work through their problems without resorting to physical violence.  If a student is having a problem with another student, we will encourage them to work it out by discussing the problem and possible solutions.  If a student resorts to aggressive or violent behavior there will be immediate consequences that range from time-outs to suspension.

Disciplinary Policy

     Shull School staff has implemented a disciplinary program for the purpose of helping students displaying repeated misbehavior. The expectation is that parents will assist the school in enforcing school rules and appropriate student behavior.


  1. For minor infractions, students will be issued pink MINOR INCIDENT REPORTS that are documented at our school site level. These are accompanied by some kind of consequence appropriate for the infraction (i.e. working through recess, campus beautification, standards, etc.) 
  2. After receiving five (5) pink MINOR INCIDENT REPORTS, a student will be issued a white DISCIPLINE REPORT slip that must be signed by a parent/guardian and returned. A DISCIPLINE REPORT may also be issued for more significant infractions. These are accompanied by more significant consequences (i.e. detention, counseling, parent contact, in-house suspension, suspensions, loss of privileges, etc.) 
  3. After three (3) DISCIPLINE REPORTS, a parent-admin meeting will be arranged to discuss the ongoing behavior issue and formulate an action plan.  
  4. For more serious offenses; i.e., those listed on the District's Suspension and Expulsion Policy, the above procedures are not in effect, but will result in more serious and immediate consequences.

 Study Hall Detention for Excessive Tardies:  Study hall detention may be assigned to students after 3 tardies within a month.  This detention will be repeated as often as necessary when tardiness becomes a problem.  


Students may be suspended or recommended for expulsion when the Superintendent or designee, principal, or principal's designee of the school in which the student is enrolled determines that the student has done any of the acts listed below:

48900 (a) 1. Caused, attempted to cause, or threatened to cause physical injury to another person. 2. Willfully used force or violence upon the person of another, except in self-defense.

48900 (b) Possessed, sold, or otherwise furnished any firearm, knife, explosive, or other dangerous object unless, in the case of possession of any object of this type, the student had obtained written permission to possess the item from a certified school employee, with the principal or designee's concurrence.

48900 (c) Unlawfully possessed, used, sold, or otherwise furnished, or been under the influence of any controlled substance as defined in the Health and Safety Code 11053 et seq., alcoholic beverage, or an intoxicant of any kind.

48900 (d) Unlawfully offered or arranged or negotiated to sell any controlled substance as defined in Health and Safety Code 11053 et seq., alcoholic beverage, or intoxicant of any kind, and then sold, delivered, or otherwise furnished to any person another liquid, substance, or material and represented same as a controlled substance, alcoholic beverage, or intoxicant.

48900 (e) Committed or attempted to commit robbery or extortion.

48900 (f) Caused or attempted to cause damage to school property or private property.

48900 (g) Stolen or attempted to steal school property or private property.

48900 (h) Possessed or used tobacco, or any products containing tobacco or nicotine products including, but not limited to, cigarettes, cigars, miniature cigars, clove cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, snuff, chew packets, and betel.

48900 (I) Committed an obscene act or engaged in habitual profanity or vulgarity.

48900 (j) Unlawfully possessed, or unlawfully offered, arranged, or negotiated to sell any drug paraphernalia, as defined in Section 11014.5 of the Health and Safety Code.

48900 (k) Disrupted school activities or otherwise willfully defied the valid authority of supervisors, teachers, administrators, other school officials, or other school personnel engaged in the performance of their duties.

48900 (l) Knowingly received stolen school property or private property.

48900 (m) Possession of an imitation firearm, including BB guns.

48900 (n) Committed or attempted to commit a sexual assault or committed a sexual battery as defined in the penal code.

48900 (o) Harassed, threatened, or intimidated a student who is a complaining witness or witness in a school disciplinary proceeding for the purpose of either preventing that student from being a witness or retaliating against that student for being a witness or both.

48900 (p) Unlawfully offered, arranged to sell, negotiated to sell, or sold the prescription drug Soma.

48900 (q) Engaged in, or attempted to engage in hazing.

48900 (r) A student may not be suspended or expelled for any of the acts enumerated unless that act is related to school activity or school attendance occurring within a school under the jurisdiction of the superintendent or principal or occurring within any other school district. A student may be suspended or expelled for acts that are enumerated in this section and related to school activity or attendance that occur at any time, including, but not limited to, any of the following:

(1) While on school grounds.

(2) While going to or coming from school.

(3) During the lunch period whether on or off campus.

(4) During or while going to or coming from, a school sponsored activity.

48900 (s) A student who aids or abets, as defined in Section 31 of the Penal Code, the infliction or attempted infliction of physical injury to another person may suffer suspension, but not expulsion, pursuant to the provisions of this section, except that a student who has been adjudged by a juvenile court to have committed, as an aider and abettor, crime of physical violence in which the victim suffered great bodily injury or serious bodily injury shall be subject to discipline pursuant to subdivision (a). 48900 (t) As used in this section, "school property" includes, but is not limited to, electronic files and databases. [applies to 48900( l)]

48900.1 Attendance of Suspended Student's Parent or Guardian for Part of School Day. District Board policy provides school administrators the option of requiring a student's parent to attend a portion of the school day in the student's classroom, under specified circumstances.
Education Code 48900.2  Committed sexual harassment as defined in Education Code 212.5, provided that the conduct is considered by a reasonable person of the same gender as the victim to be sufficiently severe or pervasive to have a negative impact upon the victim's academic performance or to create an intimidating, hostile or offensive educational environment. This ground for suspension/expulsion shall not apply to students enrolled in kindergarten or grades one through three. 48900.3 Students in grades 4-12 that have caused, attempted to cause, threatened to cause, or participated in any act of hate violence to deface, damage or destroy real property of any other person for the purpose of intimidating or interfering with constitutional rights of another person because of the person's race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin or sexual orientation, as defined in Educational Code § 33032.5.   

48900.4 Students in grades 4-12 who intentionally engage in harassment, threats or intimidation, directed against school district employees or students that is sufficiently severe or pervasive to have the actual and reasonable expected effect of materially disrupting class work, creating substantial disorder, and invading the rights of that student or group of students by creating an intimidating or hostile educationalenvironment.

48900.7 Terrorist threats against school officials or school property or both.

ZERO TOLERANCE: 48915 (c) The Superintendent or principal shall suspend and immediately recommend expulsion for the following acts:

1. Possessing, selling, or furnishing a firearm.

2. Brandishing a knife at another person.

3. Unlawfully selling a controlled substance.

4. Committing or attempting to commit a sexual assault.

            5. Possession of an explisive