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Welcome to Shull PTA
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What is PTA

The California PTA’s mission is to positively impact the lives of all children and their families. Here at Shull, we want todo the same! We want you to feel a part of the larger Shull Shark family. Our goal is to empower you to partner in yourchild’s educational journey and see your child’s potential a reality. Everything we do through Shull’s PTA is about giving back to the school and its families!
Shull’s PTA is proud to share every year that we design engaging programs and activities for both students and families to enjoy. Despite starting the year together remotely, our PTA Board has already planned a full year of modified activities. Our team wants to ensure you and your family are still receiving the full Shull experience. From Drive-in movie nights to virtual experiences, we are making the most of this year’s circumstances. We will also be sending out monthly newsletters to keep you updated each month.
We have improved our social media experience for this school year. We have started a new Facebook and Instagrampage. Please follow and like us on Facebook @ Arma J. Shull Elementary PTA and Instagram @Shullsharks

2023 – 2024 PTA Board Officers


President -   Leticia Rodriguez
EVP  -  Jeanne Center
Secretary  -  Ruben Garcia
Treasurer  -  Amber Medina
VP 1 Memberships  -  Adam Armit
VP 2 Ways & Means  -  Sheila Sadaghiani
Financial Advisor  -  Vikki Connor
Historian  -  Tori Garrison
Parlimentarian  -  TBD
Social Media Coordinator  - Christina Olivarria
Volunteer Coordinator  - Tanya Leija

Contact Information:

To contact us, please email us at We will do our best to respond in a timely manner!


Your $10 yearly membership fee goes a long way for us! Your membership gives you a voice to vote, an opportunity to contribute your ideas to Shull’s PTA, and helps support the educational goals of the school’s teachers and administrators. Please consider becoming a member today!
PTA membership also provides you AMAZING discounts at amusement parks, restaurants, and even car rentals! Awesome, right? Contact us for more information. 

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