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General Schoolwide Rules

Shull Code of Conduct
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·         Follow adult directions and stay within boundaries

·         Keep hands, feet and objects to self

·         Speak kindly and discourage name calling, profanity, and teasing

·         Use playground equipment appropriately

·         Play safely and do not fight, bully, kick or threaten

·         Use your words to prevent problems

·         Follow established playground game rules

·         Have many Shull friends, no "boyfriends/girlfriends" allowed

·         Having dangerous objects or look-alikes is against the rules

·         Do not throw rocks, grass, pebbles or other items other than playground balls

·         Leave leaves and branches on trees

·         Leave cell phones, toys, cd players, or gaming technology at home

·         Respect school property

·         HALLWAYS  Walk in the hallways

 Leave your backpack on the classroom hook in the morning and  
 wait by the office until a teacher arrives to supervise play

 Observe door opening safety circles

·         RESTROOMS        Do not play in the restrooms

 Three in at a time maximum

·         CAFETERIA           Use indoor voices and appropriate table manners


Shull Upper Grade Students will:

·         Follow the Shull Code of Conduct.

·         Be role models to younger students showing them correct manners and behavior.

·         Provide school leadership through student council and participation in school events.

·         Follow the direction of all adults and be polite to all members of the Shull Community.

·         Not enter any upper grade classroom if a teacher is not present.

·         Pre-arrange helping in a primary classroom (do not knock on doors).

·         Model good sportsmanship.

·         Respect their peers and support each other to be the best they can be.