Lunch and School Nutrition Policies

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Breakfast, Lunch and School Nutrition Policies

In order to not disturb classrooms, students are not called up to receive late lunches in the office.  Students may come to the office during recess to check for dropped off items.  Any lunches not collected will be placed in a bin in the cafeteria.  Time permitting, an e-mail will be sent to the teacher for notification.  Parents must label the late lunch. Lunch money brought late will be left in an envelope for the cafeteria supervisor.  Fast food lunches are not an appropriate treat during the school week and are disruptive to our academic environment.  Please send a nutritious lunch with your child each day.  Sweets, sodas, and fast food are strongly discouraged.  See the BUSD Wellness Policy for more information.  We do require all students to eat lunch. You will be notified if your student is not eating.  

Lunches are available for purchase.

Lunches are $3.00 per day

You may buy a 10-lunch ticket for $30.00 or a 20-lunch ticket for $60.00.

Students may bring lunch and purchase milk for 50 cents.

You may also purchase lunch tickets online at  There is a small processing fee when you do so, but the credit is automatically applied to your student's account.  You need your student's permanent school ID number when purchasing online.  Call the school office and we will be happy to provide you with that number.  We encourage students eating in the cafeteria on a regular basis to buy the meal tickets.  This reduces the loss of money by children. The cafeteria will advance your child the cost of a lunch and charge their account if your child does not have a lunch.  If financial hardship prohibits families from paying any negative balance, then a lunch application should be completed.  Otherwise, the expectation is that all monies for lunches advance to students without a lunch will be paid by the family.

See the attached link for more information on good nutrition for your children: