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Communication with Staff, Teacher Requests

Communication with Staff, Teacher RequestsTop of Page

Communication With Shull Staff

 We value your input in helping us to know your child better in order to provide him or her more personalized school experience. If major family events occur; i.e., birth, death, divorce, change of job, moving, vacations, etc., please let us know. We do not wish to pry but these kinds of things have profound effects on the children and their ability to make the most of their school experience.  We have a sympathetic and understanding staff, and they can help your child through unusual times.

Requests for Teachers 

At Shull School we do not encourage requests for teachers. If your child has any specific needs, we hope you will discuss their needs with their teacher in the spring.  Teachers work to create fair and balanced classes for the next grade level and often classes are not set until summer.  If a specific request is made for a teacher it should be made prior to May.   The grade level team will then balance that request with the need for balance throughout the grade level and within each class.  Those needs will take priority over any specific request.  While requests may be considered, no request can or will be guaranteed at any time.