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Arma J.Shull

Arma J. Shull
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Arma J. Shull was born on May 8, 1891 and died, March 20, 1977. She was 86 years old when she died and was buried in the La Verne Cemetery.

Ms. Shull moved to San Dimas in 1909 where she lived the rest of her life with her parents at 313 West Second Street. Arma, as a child, had a pet cat that followed her each morning to the corner mailbox on her way to school. It would wait there for her to return in the afternoon. As a teenager, she attended Bonita High School and played on the Girls' Base Ball Team until she graduated in 1910. As a senior, she wrote this poem: The Green and White. Bonita High School was only established in 1904 and at that time was located on the site where Damien High School is today. She then attended and graduated Los Angeles Normal School in June of 1918.

From 1918 to 1952 Arma J. Shull taught both fourth and fifth grades at the original elementary school, San Dimas Grammar School, located on Cataract. After that, she became a school librarian until 1959. Arma also taught Sunday School at the Community Church (originally the Union Church, 1912) located on Cataract and Commercial Streets. Later the Church was moved to San Dimas Avenue and Second Street.

In 1960, a new elementary school (Shull School today) was built at the corner of Amelia and Allen Avenues. This was the third elementary school built in the area. It seemed appropriate for the school district to honor Arma J. Shull, a life time resident of San Dimas and a teacher in San Dimas for thirty-five years. In March 1996, a framed photo of Arma J. Shull was presented to Shull School by the San Dimas Historical Society to honor its namesake. This photo can be found hanging in the office at Shull School.

The above information was prepared from information provided by our school Librarian, Mrs. Piotrowski and the San Dimas Historical Society.

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The Western Spirit

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Written by: Michael J. De Salvio

Shull Alumni, Class of 1998